Federal – Couragia XUV

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The Couragia XUV delivers premium SUV drivers superb handling, all-season traction, and comfort.


  • Four circumferential grooves enable maximum water dispersion.
  • Optimal tread design delivers better grip with increased contact with the road surface.
  • Optimized patterns and sipes help provide traction and reduce noise.
  • Reinforced central rib delivers straight line stability at high speed.




LT225/75 R16, 115/112S 10PR, 255/70 R16 111H, P235/65 R17 108V XL, P255/60 R17 110V XL, LT245/75 R16, 120/116S 10PR, P265/70 R16 112H, P245/65 R17 111H XL, P245/60 R18 105H, LT265/75 R16, 123/120S 10PR, P275/70 R16 114H, P265/65 R17 112H, P265/60 R18 110H, P205/70 R15 96H, P205/70 R15 96H, P265/70 R17 115H, P235/65 R18 106H, P285/60 R18 120H XL, P255/70 R15 112H XL, P255/70 R18 112T, P265/65 R18 114T, P235/55 R17 99H, P265/70 R15 112H, P265/70 R18 116S, P275/65 R18 116T, P225/55 R18 98V, P215/70 R16 100H, P215/65 R16 98H, P235/60 R16 100H, P235/55 R18 104V XL, P225/70 R16 103H, P255/65 R16 109H, P225/60 R17 99H, P245/50 R20 102H, P235170 R16 106H, P225/65 R17 102H, P235/60 R17 102V, P255/50 R20 109H, P245/70 R16 107H

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